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Twinkle Stove

Makes any place an aesthetic vibes.
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Simple little things

Olayks electric cooker
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No.1 Korean Portable Stove

Dr. Hows Twinkle Mini Stove
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Minimalist kitchen essential

multi-purpose smart appliance
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    Key Features: – Retro design trigger, let you experience the fun process. – Minimal display panel shows you the accurate status. – Mason cup with straw and Tumbler suitable for every situation. – Super Six-blades can blend ice cubes and frozen fruits easily. – Strong DC motor power with low…

  • RM25.00RM99.00

    Key Features: – Minimal and Clean look design. – 2-level adjustable heat power. – 180 degree auto power cut-off, to prevent you forgot to turn off the cooker. – Stable and uniform temperature. – Non-stick pan that scored 8H hardness. – Natural mineral material, safe to use. – Multi-functional, can…

  • RM309.00RM368.00

    Key Features: – Multi-functional double cup design – Comfortable and versatile in a range of precious colours. – Light and quiet – OLED easy & quick advance display system, knob selection function. – Smart recognition, auto recognise which cup you installed. – 10 modes on Blender ; 10 modes on…

  • RM209.00RM248.00

    Key Features: – Cute and compact size. – Colourful retro design and well-built quality. – Glossy coated paint, easy to clean and maintenance. – One hand operation, easy to use. – Japanese micro-motor technology, small and powerful. – Able to blend with ice cube, great in making smoothies/ice-blended. – Smooth…

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  • RM199.00

    Key Features: – Retro and caring design – Changeable hot plates, change to any style follow your heart. – Non stick coated hot plate, easy to clean (Do not use hard object to scratch the surface, it will damage the coating) – Get your sandwich done in just 3 minutes.…

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    Key Features: – Korean luxurious simplified design. – Compact and light weight, only 1.3kg. – Pressure sensitive temperature control. – Ceramic igniter – Sealed and leak proof. – Energy saving and gas saving. – Sturdy and durable body. – Suitable for grill pan, claypot, stainless steel pan, kettle. – Aluminium…

  • RM178.00RM228.00

    Key Features: Keep Hot 10 hrs: over 62 degree / 24 hrs: over 43 degree Keep Cold 10 hrs: below 10 degree *For reference only. The data is based on our company internal testing, there are differences depend on the environment. 1. Thermal insulation and a REAL COOL Table-Pot 2.…

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    Key Features: – Retro design and minimal display panel – Multiple cooking function all in one pot: Fruit Tea, Bird Nest, Baby Food, Noodles, Porridge, Soup, Desert, Herbal Medicine and many more. – Can hold extreme temperature, from 40°C to 180°C – 12 hours preset timer function, start cooking automatically.…


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