Dr. Hows Twinkle Stove


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Key Features:
– Korean luxurious simplified design.
– Compact and light weight, only 1.75kg.
– Pressure sensitive temperature control.
– Ceramic igniter
– Sealed and leak proof.
– Energy saving and gas saving.
– Sturdy and durable body.
– Suitable for grill pan, claypot, stainless steel pan, kettle.
– Aluminium body, easy to clean.
– Concentrate flame, 3 level of power adjustment.
– Safety child lock function, push and turn knob design.

What’s in the box:
1. Dr.Hows Twinkle Stove
2. Hard shell case
3. User manual book (Korean)

Product Name: Dr.Hows Twinkle Stove
Material : Body- PBT / Top- CR
Ignition system: Piezoelectric ignition method
Net weight: 1.75kg
Related power: 3.0kW
Product size: 348*260*106mm

Stove care Tips
1. Be sure to remove the gas container after use.
->When cleaning, remove the gas container and clean in a cold condition.
2. Cleaning method tips
->After wiping with a damp towel with a little dish soap, remove the detergent with a clean towel.
->Do not use items that are susceptible to damage to the stove, such as Iron scrubber, thinner, benzene, and abrasive powder.
*Because the stove material is coated with CR (steel plate) to create a color, the coating may peel off when using a sharp or rough cleaning tool, so please clean it with a soft material.

Precautions for use
・ Avoid places with strong winds.
・ Place it on a flat surface and provide frequent ventilation during indoor use.
・ Do not leave the room while the light is on.
・ Keep at least 15cm away from combustibles such as furniture.
・ If you smell gas while using the product, gas leakage has occurred. After stopping use, separate the portable fuel from the stove, open a window, and ventilate.
・ If the top plate is stored upside down, the product may be damaged. Place it correctly and store it in a case.

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